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First Workshop for Creativity of Animation
"Sousaku Animation Nyumon"
Written by Yamamura Koji
Publisher: Rikuyosha
144 pages
1st edition: 2017.05.25, 2nd print: 2017.07.25, 3rd print: 2021.12.09
The word 'animation' derives from the Latin word 'anima', which means to breathe life into something without a soul. The internationally renowned author of numerous animated films, including The Head Mountain and Kafka's Country Doctor, will guide you through the long and profound path of creative animation.
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动画创作入门 山村浩二的大师课
Sousaku Animation Nyumon (First Workshop for Creativity of Animation) Chinese version
Written by Yamamura Koji
Publisher: Hollywood Film Press
Translation: 焦阳
Edit: 后浪电影学院
1st edition: 2020.08
Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji