The 25th Japan Media Arts Festival
"The Fourth Wall" Grand Prize in Animation Division, "Ikuta no Kita" Excellence Award, Talk Session

Textbook "Minna no Uta" December/January issue: Magazine » amazon Kindle » amazon

“DIRECT TALK” Finding New Visions: Yamamura Koji / Animation Artist
Yamamura Koji / Animation Artist - Direct Talk - TV | NHK WORLD-JAPAN Live & Programs
October 24, 2022 10:15 - 10:30 / 14:15 - 14:30 / 20:40 - 20:55
October 25, 2022 1:15 - 1:30 » Site
映CG Media | 三人團隊奪下安錫影展另類長片大獎,一窺日本導演山村浩二如何打造《北國奇遇記》超現實末世夢境 | 2022.10.14 | 洪子茜 | Taiwan |
Nihon Keizai Shimbun "New Anime Film Festival in Hiroshima Aims to Showcase Talent in Japan" (Japanese only) 2022.09.06 » Site

Chunichi Shimbun "Media Arts Festival" Nagoya Exhibition: Screening of Animation Artist Koji Yamamura's Award-Winning Works, etc."
2022.09.03 » Site

Agency for Cultural Affairs Current Contents
Interview with "Hiroshima Animation Season," a new form of animation film festival in Hiroshima
Mahiro Yasuhara, 2022.08.08 » Site
2022.05.11, panorama-cinema, PAR MATHIEU LI-GOYETTE, » Site
Arthur Binard, "Afternoons Samai Oroshi"
Guest Appearance: Koji Yamamura
Bunka Hoso, Monday, March 14 ~ Friday, March 18, 5 times, around 17:34 ~ 17:44 » Site
An Up-And-Coming Female Creator Exciting the World - Anime Supernova
| NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand: » Site
Broadcast on February 26, 2022 Available until February 26, 2022
The 54th CINEX Film School: 7 short films by Koji Yamamura Talk Show Report
2021.11.03, Cafe Mirage » Site
Talk Show "The Works of Koji Yamamura" Koji Yamamura (Animation Director) & Ryota Fujitsu (Animation Critic) [Japanese Subtitles
2021.12.03, Minato Cinema Festa Talk Show Movie » Site
Ultra FM "Sunrise Sukagawa
Personality: Sato Masahiko, 2021.11
TOKYO MX "WoW! Ho! TV" TV" interview, 2021.08.03 » Site
TOKYO MX "WoW! Ho! TV" guest appearance in "GOLDEN WORDS" corner
2021.06.01/06.08/06.15 » Site
10 years after Kihachiro Kawamoto's death, 30 years after Tadanari Okamoto's death anniversary, god of Animation, its beautiful world Vol.2 & 3 Interview "Animation Film Maker Koji Yamamura" Wow Wow Plus

BLINK BLANK # 3 2021.04.02, France
Interview: Yamamura Koji "Dozens of Norths"
Text: Alex Dudok de Wit, ISBN 978-2-9568325-3-9, Serendip Livres » Site

Close-up Geidai by Kuniya Yuko, Tokyo University of the Arts
Kawadeshobo-shinsha Chapter 03 "I want to be the truth of this world"
by Professor Yamamura Koji at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media Department  of Animation
2021.05.20 324P Japan » amazon
Interview: Gifu Shimbun's 140th Anniversary Project: HIBINO EARTH PAPER 2021 [2021.09.26]
Gifu Shimbun [2021.10.03]

Creator's Q&A ANIMATIONISM‬ ‪YAMAMURA‬ Koji » Site

Indiephile 1# Published on Jun 24, 2020 by Diogo Martinns » Site

NHK-FM "Talking with Matsuo-do"
2020.10.04 12: 15-13: 55
Moderator: Takashi Matsuo, Noriko Kato, Guest: Koji Yamamura, Shigeru Manako
NHK-FM (national broadcast) and Internet radio "Rajiru ★ Rajiru" » Site
TV TOKYO "Tokyo intersection" #79
Animation: Animation Artist: Koji Yamamura
2020.09.29, 21:54 ~ Broadcast » Site

Haha No Tomo Juanuary 2021 isuue
Ehon sakka no hondana Yamamura Koji
2020.12.03, » amazon » Fukuinkansyoten
Pict Up #125 Intervew: Special Feature "Movie People Under Declaration of Emergency" and Special Feature "The Role of Mini Theater"
2020.07.21, » Site
Interview: Chunichi Shimbun mornig edition Whereabouts of Hiroshima Animation Festival 1 [2020.07.24]
Whereabouts of Hiroshima Animation Festival 2 [2020.07.25]

toco toco - Koji Yamamura, Animator » YouTube YouTube

Close-up Geidai of Kuniya Yuko 3rd edition: Yamamura Koji, Department of Animation, Film and New Media
Interview with Director: Hiroko Kuniya » Site
Konohon Yonde! 2019 Winter issue Cover
Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture(JPIC)
2019.11, » amazon
Monthly Brain July 2019 Issue No.708
Behind the CM Vol.51
WILDAID Hankograph
Discover people and areas! Setagaya Life Support Magazine Otona・Ri (re)”
March 5, 2019 Issue No. 12 <Spring Issue> "Interview with Yamamura Koji" » Site
Heisei 30-nenreki: Dramatic Change! Animation Circle
Before and After the Academy Award Nominations" Koji Yamamura
Written by Yuji Makari, Foramia i-site
Interview: Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday Edition "Art Walk" "Unkei" Exhibition at National Museum of Art (Published on 03.12)
Interview: Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday Edition "Art Walk" "Genealogy of Belgian Fantasy" Exhibition at Bunkamura The Museum (posted on Mar. 12
Interview:The Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday Edition "Art Walk" Artinbold Exhibition at The National Museum of Western Art (posted on Mar. 12)
Interview: Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday Edition "Art Stroll" - This is Gyosai! The world-renowned Kyosai's painting ability at Bunkamura The Museum (posted on Mar. 12)
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Tell us about "Setagaya Education" No. 104 (12) interview! Setagaya no Hoshi II [10th] Animation writer and picture book writer Yamamura Koji, 2018.12.22 » Site

Endless Experimentation: Independent Animation Master Yamamura Kōji [Nippon.com: views, 2017.08.03] » Site
Documentary appearance: "Lai Lei's" Kyoto First Exhibition, Ebisu Shadow Festival ”2017.09.19, xiliyo » Site Radio broadcast appearance: J-WAVE "ANA WORLD AIR CURRENT" Navigator: Taro Hakase, broadcast date: 2017.10.14 19: 00-19: 54
Appearance on display: CLOSE for foreign visitors to Tokyo 2017.05.01 ~ Narita International Airport Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Arrival Lobby, Tokyo Tourist Information Center Busta Shinjuku, High-performance Tourist Information Sign “DISCOVER & TOKYO”, Shinjuku West Exit Plaza Digital Broadcast on signage
TV broadcast interview appearance: Imagica BS: The revived Norstein world # 1 "Hedgehog in the fog"
2017.01.04 21: 00〜22: 00, 01.11 8: 00〜9: 00、01.31 AM1: 30〜Midnight 2:30 »
The Revived Norstein World # 2 "Talk Story'' 2017.01.04 22: 00-23: 15, 01.11 9: 0-10: 30, .01.31 Midnight 2: 30-Midnight 3:45
Starring: Yuri Norstein, Yamamura Koji, Kato Kunio, Egawa Tatsuya
Interview: The Sunday Yomiuri Shimbun "Art Walk" and "Unkei" Exhibition National Museum (03.12)
Interview: The Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday "Art Walk" and "The Genealogy of Belgian Fiction" Exhibition Bunkamura The Museum (posted on 03.12)
Interview: The Sunday Yomiuri Shimbun "Art Walk" and "Archinbold" Exhibition The National Museum of Western Art (published on 03.12)
Interview: Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday "Art Walk" This is Kyosai! The world-renowned creativity Bunkamura The Museum (03.12)
"Keep it in Motion - Classic Animation Revisited: the Karo and Piyobpt trilogy" (By Chris Robinson, January 5, 2017, AWM.com)» Site<
Appeared in a TV interview: TBS "Separate volume Asahi Journal", Tokyo University of the Arts
Starring: Yamamura Koji, Miyajima Ryutaro, Inoue Kojiro, Oh Yun Jae, Misato Asaki, 12.18 25: 35- Broadcast
TV interview appearance: TV Tokyo "Infested! Ad street heaven" Setagaya Kushinbutsu Special
10.29) 21:00-broadcast » Site TV broadcast appearance: TOKYO Deep! # 43 "An anti-bone fashionable town Jiyugaoka"
NHK BS Premium [cast] Erie Toyoda, [telling] Moto Fuyuki, 06.06 19: 00-19: 30 / Rebroadcast: 06.10 6: 30-7: 00 / Rebroadcast: 06.20 PM 12: 00-12: 30 / Repeat Broadcast: 11.07 19: 00-, 11.11 6: 30- »

Kinema Junpo Early September 2016 No.1726 "Plane / handwriting" is the forefront of animation
"Song of the Sea Umi no Uta" / "Parade" de Satie
Interview: Tom Moore [Director] x Koji Yamamura [Director] Listen: Kano Seiji
2016.08.20 » Site » amazon

Interview: The Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday "Art Walk" by Okyo Maruyama "Beyond the Sketch" Nezu Museum (11.20)
Interview: The Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday "Art Walk" The Quay Brothers Phantom Museum @ Museum of Modern Art, Kanagawa, Hayama
Interview: The Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday "Art Walk" Great Yo-Kai Exhibition-From Dogu to Yo-Kai Watch-Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo (published on 07.31)
Interview: The Yomiuri Shimbun Sunday “Art Walk”, Collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Our Kuniyoshi, My Kunisada Exhibition Bunkamura The Museum (04.24)

映画界の冒険家 カレル・ゼマン
DVD: Film Adventurer Karel Zeman
2015, Czech, Director: Tomás Hodan, Writers: Tomás Hodan, Ludmila Zeman, Ondrej Beránek
Cast: Terry Gilliam,Tim Burton, Paul Wells, Ludmila Zeman, Boris Masník, Koji Yamamura etc.

Yamamura Koji: "It is easy to copy but hard to find your own style!" » Manimation Magazine eu
Part 1 » Otapol Part 2 » Otapol

"Filmový dobrodruh Karel Zeman" Intervew appearance. » YouTube YouTube
NHKEtv1"Norzy no Hirameki Koubo"it is my drawing way (10.24. Yahoo!TV)
"Tokunaga reiko no Ehon no jikan Ohanashi marathon""Chiisana Okina Ki"reading
KBC Kyushu Asahi Hoso、10.01 18:20~8:30 » Site
WOWOW "Invitation from W-za"(MC: Kundo Koyama)
2/15 PM10:00〜"Dallas Buyers Club" >(Dir. Jean-Marc Vallée)
2/22 PM9:00〜"12 Years a Slave" (Dir. Steve McQueen)

Kinema Junpo Early September 2015 No.1697
49 anime creators you need to know
"Yamamura Koji: Changes Surrounding Short Animations" Interview (1P)
2015.08.20, Japan » Site » amazon

Art Window September Issue
Friends of life, Secret technique drawing with pastel course vol.42 Interview: Yamamura Koji (6P)
Japan, 2015.08.20, » Site » amazon
Hayashi Shizuichi: Beautiful Gril art Book Posted in Hayashi Shikichi's celebration of flowers
Gakken Publishing, Japan, 2015.08.20 » amazon
DPI 8月号
dpi August 196 [Pencilism of creator | Yamamura Koji]
Interview and work image posted (4P)
Taiwan, 2015.08 » Site
650 picture books recommended by creators
Japan, Genkosha, 2015.05.30 » amazon
Living Notebook 4th Century No. 76, June-July 2015
"My precious picture book that remains in my heart"
Japan, 2015.05.25 » Site
Card image cap

Monthly Kooyun March Issue Yamamura Koji, a creator's childhood (animation writer)
"Now" is an extension that has been engrossed (4P)
Japan, Crayon House, 2015.02.03 » Site » amazon


 視覚玩具でアニメーションつくり ソーマトロープと驚き盤
Let's make animation with optycal toys: Thaumatrope and Phenakistoscope
DVD Duration: 40 min, Kodomono Shiro, Japan

Doga de hirogaru Bijutsu no sekai, Art for high school for teachers
2013, Nihon Bunkyou Shuppan, Japan » Site
With DVD for teacher's textbook: Interview of Koji Yamamura, Filp book wokshop, "Mt. Head"(2002)
CORTO: MOUNT HEAD de Yamamura Koji. ¿Podrían acostumbrarse a vivir con un cerezo gigante encima de su cabeza? » Site

WOWOW "Invitation from W-za"(MC: Kundo Koyama)
9/07 10:00~ "Bizantium" (Dir. Neil Jordan)
9/14 10:00~ "Counselor" (Dir. Sir Ridley Scott)
12/07 10:00~ "The Wolf of Wall Street" (Dir. Martin Scorsese)
12/25 11:15~ "20 Feet from Stardom" (Dir. Morgan Neville)
Content business forefront JapaconTV "Recommend Manga and Anime study" BSFuji May 2nd 24:00-24:55 » Site
"인간과 애니메이션 3부작 (Trilogy Animation and Human)" EBS Korean Educational Broadcasting System (2014.03.24 -26, » Site)
FMRadio 81.3 J-WAVE "CHINTAI presents TOKYO GRAPH" Navigator: Rii Shito » Site [2014.02.23]
Monthly Treasure Island April Issue
Column: Emori Takeaki's Art of Noise, Takarajimasha 2014.02.25 » Site
Master of the walk March 2014 issue Oimachi line
Kotsu Shimbun Sha, 2014.02.21 » Site» amazon

Monthly Kooyun March Issue Children's Book School, Nagata Hiroshi × Yamamura Koji
Talk about picture book "n", Japan, Crayon House, 2014.02.03 » Site » amazon
Children's Books" (Chihiro Art Museum, Tokyo, Harashima Megumi) "Log is Beauty" (Newspaper Red Flag, 2014.08.23)
Kenji's "Ame Ni Mo Makezu" translated into English by Arthur Binard" Asahi Chugakusei Weekly (2014.02.23)
Kenji's Wishes in Poems: English Translation of a Picture Book" Asahi Shogakusei Shimbun (2014.02.17)
A shahi Shimbun TokyoKenji Miyazawa "Rain Won't" no Eiyaku Ehon syuppan Asahi. com [2014.01.13]
Yomiuri Shimbun* TakamKenji no Shi Sekai he "Rain won't stop me. " E totomoni Eiyaku "Amenimo Makezu" [2014.01.07]
Animation artist Koji Yamamura opens "Short Animation Specialty Shop" in Okusawa (Jiyugaoka Keizai Shimbun, 2013.12.06)
Short animation specialty store "Au Praxinoscope" opens in Jiyugaoka, hosted by Koji Yamamura (FILM GOES WITH NET Entertainment Kan, 10/11/2013)
Store and gallery specializing in short animation opens in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo (Media Arts Current Contents, 2013.10.09)
Au Praxinoscope: New Store and Gallery Specializing in Animation in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo (Anime! Anime! , 2013.10.04)
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Interview de Yamamura Kôji (Carrefour de l'animation 2013) » Site
WILKINSON’s Interview [2013 .06.03] » Article
Head trip: the animated worlds of Yamamura Kôji » BFI Film Forever >Aritcle [2013.01.01]
RCCRadio "The★Yokoyama Yuji Show" [2013.07.02] » Site
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"El mundo" NHK BS1 [2013.07.07] MC: Andrea Pompilio, Yamamda Goro, Maggy » Site
"imagine-nation" Main theme: Independent Animation! NHK
TV Broadcast Appearance: NHK International Broadcasting: "imagine-nation" Main theme: Independent Animation!」06.04 15:30- 16:00 (UTC) etc.,06.05 0:30-1: 00, Japan, etc. 6 times » Site
Wold [2013.06.04] The da Vinci January 2014 issue
>Featured new books "Amenimo Makezu Rain Won't", 2013.12.31

Geidai Tsushin No.27 Cover photo, Award winner interview
Japan, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2013.09<
Animatoon 101 issue Animatoon Choice: A Country Doctor
Korea, 2013.03
Animatoon 100th issue, Korea, 2013.01

Iwate Nichinichi Shimbun "Koshiou" [2013.11.28]
Yomiuri ShimbunMiyazawa Kenji no Shi ni E, Yamamura koji san no Ehon Genga ten: YOMIURI ONLINE [2013.10.30]
Mainichi Newspapers Genga Ten Yamamura Koji san ga Egaita Ehon Syuppan de Kunitachi Tokyo[2013.11.05]
Tokyo Shimbun Ehon Yomimono Shinkan "Amanimo Makezu Rain Won’" [2013.12.06]
Mainichi NewspapersmorningWide Hiroshima "Animation no kanosei ha mugendai" [2013.07.17] » Site
Chugoku Simbun morning Hitotoki "AnimationArtist Yamamura Koji san Sainokaika wo otetsudai"[2013.07.12]
Anime UK News: Yamamura Koji Interview by chaos » Article [2012.12.19]
Hiroshima FM "Okubo Shibeki no 9jiRadi" [2012.08.21]
Yamamura Koji Special Hour NHK BS Premium [2012.03.27]
"Asamaru Station Hiru matagi" RSK Radio [2013. 02.28]
Kodomo Eiga Plus Column: Film Work Pictorial Vol.2 Koji Yamamura [Part 1: 2012.06.06 / Part 2: 2012.06.13] >Kodomo Eiga Plus
Cinema Information Concentration Website [Cine Spirit]: WEB Town Information Okayama "The Thread of Muybridge" Interview with Director Koji Yamamura [2012.02.28].
Film information intensive site [Cine Soul]: WEB Town Information Okayama Preview & New Film Review "Muybridge's Thread" [2012.02.28].
Radio Broadcast Appearance: Shigeki Ohkubo's 9ji Radio 2012.08.21 Hiroshima FM
TV broadcast appearance: Koji Yamamura Special Hour - from the animation "Touzan" to "Muybridge no Ito
2012.03.27 *03.26 0:30-2:40 (130min.) NHK BS Premium
[0:15-] Takeshi Art Beat "Koji Yamamura" rebroadcast > Takeshi Art Beat official website
[1:12-] Koji Yamamura Special Hour -From "Touzan" to "Muybridge's Thread
Films aired: "Touzan", "The Old Crocodile", "Kafka: The Country Doctor", "Children's Metaphysics", "Muybridge's Thread" + Interview (Isshin Inudo, Toshihide Katayama, Koji Yamamura)
>Radio broadcast appearance: "Asamaru Station, Lunchtime Straddle" 02.28, RSK Sanyo Broadcasting Co.
Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

"Booked for Japan" Koji Yamamura: Animating the realm of the soul
Interviewer: Robert Campbell
NHK World [2012.02.26] » Site » Choice of the Week 
"Academy show Short specilal, Short Animation Awards" WOW WOW [2012.02.12]
"Soi Mirai"(Creative Future" Vol.3 Mado JIdai -Animation age Shanghai Star still channel
China [2012.1.26 18:00-19:00]
"Gokujo Bi no Kyoen" Series Rinpa Karei Naru Kakumei (1) Tawaraya Sotatsu "Tsurushitae Wakakan" NHK BSPremium [2012.01.04]
pen 2012年6/1号
pen 1st June 2012 No. 314 SouZou no Genba vol. 56 Yamamura Koji "Create an animation like drawing painting. " 2pages
Photo by Benjamin Lee
Japan, 2012.05.15 » pen » amazon
Bungakukai April 2012
[Interview with the new cover artist] Interview with Koji Yamamura "conceiving a movie"
Japan, Bungeishunju Ltd., 2012.03.07 » amazon
MILK X monthly magazine
HogKong, 2012 » Sie
DISCO vol.1 Sugii Gizaburo×Yamamura Koji "Anime / Animation in the Era"
Japan, 2012 » amazon
Ashahi Shimbun Digital Hioroshima [Hiroshima EYE] "Kyosho ni shigeki, Imaya Seichi" [2012.08.15]
Ashahi Shimbun,Ashahishimbun Digital kokuban "the 30 Kawakita Prize" [2012.07.30]
Chunichi Shimbun morning" Yamamura Koji Hiroshima International Animation Festival heno kitai" [2012.07.17]
Yomiuri Shimbun evening edition> "the Kawakita Prize goes to Koji Yamamura" [2012.07.13]
Mainichi Newspapers (Mainichi.jp) "The Kawakita Prize: Animation Creator Yamamura Koji won" [2012.07.11]
Chunichi Shimbun evening edition " Animation Creator Direc. Yamamura wont he Kawakita Prize [2012.07.06]
Koji Yamamura, Japan's proudest animator, presents his new film "Muybridge's Strings" on the theme of "time" [Koyori Suzuki, Cinema & Film, 2011.09.13]
Interview with a Master Animator: Animation Meister Vol.7 - Japan Media Arts Plaza
Format court Koji Yamamura : "À chaque film, je m'attache au fait que l'acte de création peut avoir du sens et m'apprendre quelque chose sur ma propre existence"[2011.09.09]

Coco*Montreal Koji Yamamura - Director of short animated films [2011.01.20]
Cat's Forehead > Journal Interview with Koji Yamamura [2011.09]
DOMMUNE TALK LIVE "Koji Yamamura SPECIAL: Talking about his latest work "Muybridge's Thread"" [2011.09.15]
Nikkan Saizo - Keita Kurosaka "Midoriko/MIDORI-KO" × Koji Yamamura "Muybridge no Ito" Opening Talk (Part 1)/(Part 2)[2011.09. 16-17] (in Japanese)
Pia "Satori Ito and his movie friends" [2011.09.15]
Format court Yamamura Koji: “À chaque film, je m’attache au fait que l’acte de création peut avoir du sens et m’apprendre quelque chose sur ma propre existence" [2011.09.09]
Cat's Forehead > Journal >Interview with Yamamura Koji [ 2011.09]
Coco*Montreal Yamamura Koji- Director of short animated films [2011.01.20]
"Takeshi Art Beat"Dai Hakuran Kai NHK BSPremium [2011.12.29 21:00~23:58] MC: Kitano Takeshi

"Gokujo Bi no Kyoen" Series Rinpa Karei naru Kakumei (1) Tawaraya Sotatsu "Tsurushitae Wakakan" NHK BSPremium
NHK BSPremium [2011.12.05] » Site
"The Prim Show" WOWOW [2011.10.28] MC: John Kabira, Tominaga Ai
"Koko Koza, Art" NHK Educational [2011.05] Interviewer: Kiki
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"Takeshi Art Beat" NHK BSPremium [2011.07.11] MC: Takeshi Kitano » Site

NHK BS1 "El mundo" NHK BS1 [2011.08.23] MC: Andrea Pompilio
"imagine-nation」NHK World [2011.09.21]
"DOMMUNE" Koji YamamuraSPECIAL Talk about New film "Muybridge's Strings" [2011.09.15]
"DOMMUNE" Tanpen no Kyokuhoku, Kaisetsu "Animations Festival" [2011. 05.16]

Monthly MOE November 2011 Atelier interview: Yamamura Koji "Muybridge's Strings"
Japan, 2011.10.03 » amazon

Geijutsu Shincho October 2011
Art News, Bach and Muybridge, Yamamura Koji Konuma Junichi x Yamamura Koji, 2011.09.24
Kinema Junpo the end of September No.1593
Visiting at Atelier of Yamamura Koji, 2011.09.05 » amazon
Pict Up #72 2011.10
Past, present, future. The time that exists in parallel is expressed by animation. Yamamura Koji
Japan, Engeki Book Sha , 2011.09 » amazon

Bref 98
Short Film magazine, France, 2011.07
Weekly Bun Syun 29 July 2011 issue This person's schedule book
Japan, 2011.07.29
Monthly Cooyon 2011.5 Writer's bulletin board
Japan, Crayob House, 2011.04.03

Milk Japanese issue May 2011 N°14
The charm of animation that manipulates time Yamamura Koji's Flipbook collection
Japan, 2011.04.04 » amazon
Chunichi Shimbun Dir. Yamamura Koji New film [2011.12.21]
asahi.com [2011.02.03]
anime! anime![2011.05.26]
MSN Sankei News [2011.06.06]
Yomiuri Shimbun evening edition [2011.06.17]
Tokyo Shimbun [2011.06.29]
asahi.com (Ashahi Shimbun) [2011.07.04]
Nikkei evening edition [2011.09.03]
Yomiuri Shimbun Review Muybridge's Strings [Katsuo Konuma 2011.09.09]
Ashahi Shimbun Animabe don [Atsushi Obara, asahi.com [2011.09.26]
Review - Muybridge's Strings [Takeuch Yukii、UNZIP 2011.09.26]
Kansho toiu na no bouken [Kurukawa Hdeo、Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun 2011.10.03, Shikoku News 2011.10.05、San-in Chuo Shimpo 2011.10.70, Too Nipo 2011.10.15, Jomo Shimbun 2011.10.22, Sanin Shimbun 2011.10.22, Chiba Nipo 2011.10.22, Ehime Shimbun 2011.10.24]
EhonNavi We visited atelier of picture book artist Yamamura Koji ! [2010.06.09]
"Anata ga Syuyaku 50 voices" Tokyo University of the Arts NHK [2010.06.27] » Site
"NIchiyo Bijutu Kan"Bruegel dream, Best 10 Selection NHK Educational [2010.02]

Haha no Tomo December Picture book writer's atelier Yamamura Koji, 8pages
Fukuin Kan Shoten, 2010 » amazon

REAR No.23 Specila Art/Animation
2010.03.31 » Site

dpi The Variation of Animation and Comic Art
Taiwan, 2010.03

lustration October 2010 isssue
Special feature: Writers who influenced me
Japan, GENKOSHA, 2009.11.27 » amazon
CM Journal
Who is Best?
Creation of films and advertisements
Focusing on the development of young talent.
Animation artist Yamamura Koji.
2009.06.01, Published CM Journal
VOGUE October Ryan Larkin, Japan, 2009
Brain October 2009 Video Artist / Musician: Masakatsu Takagi x Architect: Sosuke Fujimoto x Yamamura Koji, "Primitives don't go to the world"
Japan, 2009.09.01, » amazon
Nikkei evening edition"Short Animation, omoto butai ni" [2009.09.25]
Ashahi Shimbun evening edition "Eigasai de sekai wo shirou! " [2009.09.29]
Art school guide on Web BIjutsu Shuppan-Sha
"How did that longing person get that job !?" » Vol.8 Yamamura Koji [2008.01.25]
"Hiho Kokai Kyoi no Butsuga - Gohyakurakan"NHK-BSHi Vision [2008.10]
"THE VOICE" JFN [2008.01.08]

Geidai Tsushin No. 17
Film and Nwe Madia Animation DepatmentIn stallation
Ito Yuichi / Okamoto Mutsuko / Yamamura Koji / Deguchi Taketo / Fujihata Masaki
Japan, 2008.09 » No/17
SWITCH(Vol.26 No.6)Jube 2008
"Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor"
Japan, 2008 » amazon
Weekly Diamond
Madeus and his colleagues: Yamamura Koji
Japan, 2008.03
"Ohayo Nippon" NHK [2007.12.22]
"Kagai Jugyo Yokoso Senpai" Kokoro wo Eni suru by Yamamura Koji, NHK [2007.12.08]
hon-nin vol.05
Peace Matayoshi x Yamamura Koji
Japan, 2007.12.8 » amazon
BOBOS, Japan, REB, 2007
Monthly Fujin Koron
Kanahara hitomi x Yamamura Koji
Japan, 2007.11

Kinema Junpo
Japan, 22007.11.05 » amazon
Monthly MOE
Japan, 2007.11.03

Bijutsu Techo
"Cho-ju Jinbutsu Giga Emaki" Yamamura Koji interview
Japan, 2007.11 » amazon

Pict Up #49 December 2007
Yamamura Koji, When <conviction> turns into an animation
Solid image that leads to "Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor"
Japan, Engeki Book Sha 2007 » amazon

Otona no kagaku Vol.15 Paper Film Projector
A magazine with a projector that reflects light on a paper film and projects it.
"I played with my hometown" by Yamamura Koji
Japan, Gakken Marketing, 2007.03 » amazon
Kinema Junpo No.1495 Front interview No.144 Yamamura Koji, Japan, 2007.11
Animation World Network Showcase, Famous Animator Gallery » AWN Famous Animator Gallery Series > Koji Yamamura [2006.02.21]
CULTURA BigBang_ » CULTURA BigBang_» Las animaciones de Koji Yamamura [2006.06]
"Takeshi no Daredemo Picaso" Eiga ha Omoshiroi! TV Tokyo [2006.06.1] MC: Kitano Takeshi
"Nichiyo Studio Park" Inochi wo fukikomu Animation magic NHK [2006.01.29]

Ochi Kochi No.13 Octber/November 2006 issue
"From Japan! Talk about “Creativity of Animation” Takekuma Kentaro x Yamamura Koji
Japan, 2006 » amazon

dpi Vol.90 Octobr 2006
animation! My Dream Yamamura Koji + Phil Dale6pages spacial
Taiwan, 2006

SWITCH Vol.24 SEP. 2006 No.9 Tanaka Naoki's Sustainmatic Human No. 13: Yamamura Koji
Japan, 2006 » amazon
Pict Up #39 Nick Park x Yamamura Koji
Japan, Engeki Book Sha, 2006.04

Animation Note, animation making magazine No.04 SEIBUNDO mook
Making a good skilful animatiors
Japan, Sheibun Do Shin ko Sha, 2006.12 » amazon
"Yamamura Animation Musiam" Chuo Cable TV [2005.08]

+act Vol.6 2005 Autumn
Appendix at the end of the book "Thorough coverage! 15 newest Yamamura animations and hot artists now" Page 6 Introduction to Yamamura Animation, making of "The Old Crocodile"
Japan, Wani Books, 2005.10.5 » amazon
Chunichi Shimbun Evening Edition 2005.02.25
"Weekend Japanology" NHK BS1 [2004.02] MC: Peter Barakan
"Digital Biginers" NHK [2004.04.04]
"Ohayo Nippon" NHK [2004.07]
"Shin Nichiyo Bijutu Kan"NHK [2004.08.01]
Pict Up #29 June 2004
Engeki Book Sha
After Atama yama, Yamamura Koji

design NET Vol.86 November
Yamamura Koji special 5pages
Korea, 2004.08
Japan close-up"may 2004
People:Yamamura Koji animation That Excites the World
Japan, PHP Institute, Inc., 2004.05
Yomiuri Shimbun [2004.12.01]
Chunichi Shimbun [2004.07.15]
Super TV "Made in Japan / SMAP" Animation Workshope with Katori Shingo NTV [2003]<
"All that Movie" DJ: Kojima Kazuhiro, Tokai Radio[2003.06.22]
"Newa no Mori" TBS [2003.2.12]
"MAzamashi TV" Fuji TV [2003.03]
"Jonetsu Tairiku" Yamamura Koji" TBS [2003.05.04]
"Tokudane!"Fuji TV [2003.04]
"Ohayo Nippon" NHK [2003.04]
"What's on Japan" NHK BS1 [2003.04.12]
"Cinema Navi" NHK BS2 [2003.05]
"Cinema Eye" #344 Cinefil IMAGICA [2003.05]
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"Kateigaho INTERNATIONAL EDITION" 2003 Autumn 1st edision
Japan, Sekai bunka sha » amazon
Pia Cyubu version, Japan, 2003.08.25
Mizuwe Summber 2003 07
Animation artist Yamamura Koji A huge world of “movement” created by a series of “pictures”
Art publisher, 2003.07
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"X FUNS" Creative & Design Magazine NO / 06 2003 06*07
Cover, 6 pages special Taiwan, X-cup, 2003
Illustration No.142, Genko-sha, 2003
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NIPPONIA Discovering Japan No.27
Animation with a human Touch"Yamamura Koji, Director of "Mt. Head"
Japan, Heibon sha, 2003
Pict Up #23 June 2003
"The world's animation writer and film festival that Yamamura Koji met."
Japan, Engeki Book Sha, 2003
Hanatsubaki 2003 JUNE No.636
Interview Gtting Down to it Yamamura Koji
Japan, Shiseido, 2003
Web Designing 5/2003
Tsukuru Hito "Continuing to Make One Work Over Time", Special Feature on page 6
Japan, 2003
STUDIO VOICE 5 VOL.329 May 2003
BAD Interview Yamamura Koji
Japan, Infas, 2003
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SWITCH May 2003 Vol.21 No.5
EDITOR'S CHOICE Vol.10 "The universe born from everyday life" Yamamura Koji (animation creator)
Japan, 2003 » amazon

Duda Student Support Association. 2003
Cover + Interview
Japan, 2003
Mitsubishi Corporation Group internal magazine “WIDE VIEW”
Japan, 2003
Director's MAGAZINE May 2003
Creek and River Sha
Japan, 2003
Pict-up # 22 April 2003 (Theatric Book Company)
The head of a man who made "Mt. Head". Special feature on page 6
Japan, 2003
Souen February 2003
Culture Publishing I want to meet that person of Minako Ichikawa! vol.14 Animation artist Yamamura Koji (2 pages)
Japan, 2003
Manila Standard "Haiku as animaé" [2003.11.15]
Sankei "Horizont eye" [2003.09.10]
Ashahi Chugakusei Weekly [2003.07.06]
Yomiuri Shimbun "Kassai"[ 2003.09.21]
Chunichi Shimbun [2003.08.30]
Fiend Asahi [2003.08.24]
Mid-Japa Economist [2003.08.22]
Chunichi Shimbun [2003.08.13]
Mainichi Newspapers [2003.08.04]
Mainichi Newspapers [2003.08.02]
Mid-Japa Economist [2003.07.25]
Mainichi Newspapers [2003.07.12]
Tokyo Shimbun" Kazoku no koto wo hanasou" [2003.07.05]
Ashahi Shimbun "Hito"[ 2003.06.22]
Ashahi Shimbun [2003.06.13]<
Daily Sport [2003.06.03]
Yomiuri Shimbun evening edition [ 2003.04.02]
The Daily Yomiuri "Indie animatior heads for the Oscars"[ 2003.03.20]
Tokyo Shimbun [2003.02.28]
Ashahi Shimbun [2003.02.25]
Sankei [2003.02.18]
Sankei Sport [2003.02.15]
SpoNichi [2003.02.12]
Mainichi Newspapers [2003.02.12]
TIME Redrawing Rules Yamamura Koji is a lone wolf in the world of assembly-line animation
Japan, 2002.8.11<
New Type Korea 2002.12
New Type Korea 2002.11
"Kiyo Anime kan" MC: Fukawa Ryo, NHK BS2 [2001,02.23]
"Animage" November Interview with Jan Schwankmayer
Separate DIME "Web Gallery @ Best Creator & Best Content 1000"
Carefully selected as 1000 charisma on the net
Japan,Shogakukan, 2001.10.4

Interview about Misato Municipal Library homepage "Bavel's Book" [2000.08]

Bit Pranks Post Card Shop Web Site "Non-chan's charge interview!"[ 2000.06]

"Mania Atac !" BS-i [2000.12.21]
"Kiyo Anime kan" MC: Fukawa Ryo, NHK BS2 [2000.03.31]
"Commercial Photo" 2000 October Issue No.447
Special Feature "Image Design ANIMATION"
Japan, Genkosha, 2000
"New Special VOL.05: Video"
Japan, Resonance Publishing, 2000
Monthly magazine "3D Graphics Vol.2"
Japan, ASCII, 2000.01.18

Animation World Magazine issue4.9 "Independence in Japan"by Gigi Hu » Article [1999.12]

"Tonight 2" TV Ashahi [1999.03.03]
Pict Up #1
"Animation like a cracker!" Special feature on page 7
Japan, Engeki Book Sha, 1999.12
"Human Network" Special Feature Learning and learning from outside the school 3) Pursue “what is“ interesting”by being obsessed with“moving pictures”magic
Japan, Taro Jirosha, 1999.05

"Kingdam of Midnight" Next Beat NHK BS MC. Tsukamoto Shinya [1994.09]

Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji