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Planning: Introduction to Contemporary Animation at Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Award: Japan Society for Animation Studies, Academic Special Award for 10 years of series Open lecture "Introduction to Contemporary Animation", Japan, 2019

1st "Laugh the Foolishness of Human being, Phil Mulloy" Lecturer: Yamamura Koji, 2009
2nd "The Post Successor of McLaren, The Abstract of Chris Christopher Hinton and Malcolm Sutherland" Lecturer: Yamamura Koji, 2009
3rd "Gianluigi Toccafondo's Temptation" Lecturer: Yamamura Koji, Iran Nguyén, 2009
4th "Priit & Olga Pärn" Instructor: Priit & Olga Pärn, 2010
5th "Priit Pärn in the Soviet era" lecturer: Yamamura Koji, 2010
6th "Priit Pärn in Estonia" Lecturer: Yamamura Koji, 2010
7th "Muybridge's Strings" Lecturer: Michael Fukushimal, Yamamura Koji, 2011
8th "Caroline Leaf, Drawing, Motion" Lecturer: Caroline Leaf, 2011
9th "Sensitivity and Intelligence, Gil Alkabetz" Lecturer: Gil Alkabetz, 2011
10th "Pinscreen Tradition" Lecturer: Michèle Lemieux, 2012
11th "Individual Works and Commercial Works" Lecturer: Igor Kovalyov, 2012
12th "Animation as Media of Social Criticism: The History of Channel 4" Lecturer: Clare Kitson, 2012
13th "Feel-bad film making" lecturer: Ruth Lingford, 2013
14th "How I make animated film" lecturer: Georges Schwizgebel, 2013
15th "Situation of Contemporary Japanese Independent Animation" Lecturer: Yamamura Koji, Atsushi Wada, Kotobuki Shiriagari, Masaaki Yuasa, 2013
16th "Brothers Quay, a Labyrinth of Failure" Lecturer: Suzanne Bachan, 2014
17th "Okamoto Tadanari's Work" Lecturer: Yamamura Koji, Junko Hosaka, Minoru Tamura, Yoshihiro Shinohara, 2014
18th "Co Hoedman, Technique, Children, Message" Lecturer: Yamamura Koji, Iran Nguyén, Yukio Hiruma, 2014
19th "The Shock of Andreas Hykade" Lecturer: Andreas Hykade, 2015
20th "Latest Chinese Independent Situation 1: Various Artists" Lecturer: Ray Lei, Yamamura Koji, 2015
21st "Latest Chinese Independent Situation 2: Xi Chen" Lecturer: Xi Chen, Yamamura Koji, 2015
22nd "Narrative and Abstract in Stereoscope" Lecturer: Theodore Ushev, Yamamura Koji, 2016
23rd "Occurrence and matter" Lecturer: Yuri Norshteyn, Yamamura Koji, 2016
24th "Animation Documentary 1" Lecturer: Mathieu Labaye, Yamamura Koji, 2016
25th "Metaphor of Line and Multi-screen" Instructor: Paul Driessen, Yamamura Koji, 2017
26th "Trick of the Eye , Reversal of the Lord and the Slave" Lecturer: Raimund Krumme, Yamamura Koji, 2017
27th "Individuals and the World" Lecturer: Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis, Yamamura Koji, 2017
28th "The Potential of Animation's Possibility " Lecturer: Sébastien Laudenbach, Yamamura Koji, 2018
29th "Current Artist Residence" Lecturer: Xavier Kawa-Topor, Yamamura Koji, 2018
30th "Forefront of Experiment Animation" Lecturer: Boris Labbé, Yamamura Koji, 2018
31st "Grotesque Euphoria" by Špela Čadež, Yamamura Koji, 2019
32th "Lonely Animals" Instructor: Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Yamamura Koji, 2019
33th "Unconsciousness and Metamorphosis" Lecturer: Michèle Cournoyer, Yamamura Koji, 2019
34th "A Decade of Contemporary Animation.", Yamamura Koji, 2020
35th "Korean Society Through Animation" Lecturer: Yojin Choi, Yamamura Koji, 2021
36th "Contemporary Korean Animation Artists" Lecturer: Yojin Choi, Yamamura Koji, 2021
37th "The Pärn School? Artists Studying in Estonia" Lecturer: Akira Arimochi, Koji Yamamura, 2022

Festival Artistic Director: Hiroshima Animation Season

Supervision: continuum: Independent animation from Japan and Australia
2022.02.18-07.02, The Japan Foundation, Sydney(Level 4, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008), Site
Curation: Japanese Contemporary Animation program: "Land of Rising Sun: Independent animation in Japan"
13th Tehran International Animation Festival 2022: , 2022.05.29-06.02, Iran
the Japan Foundation, Toronto, 2022.0, Canada


Expert selection committee: VULTURE "The 100 Sequences That Shaped Animation" NY, US
Award: 2021 New York Press Club Award in the Critical Arts Review category

Curation: International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival LINOLEUM
2020.09.02-06、Contemporary JapaneseAnimation Program, Kyiv, Ukraine


Planning: <Animation Cabin vol.1> Koji Yamamura selection, best animated shorts in 2015 (Au Praxinoscope), Japan

Planning: <Animation Cabin vol.2> Boris LABBÉ (Au Praxinoscope), Japan
Planning: <Animation Cabin vol.3> "Nonsense for kids ?!" !(Au Praxinoscope), Japan


Planning: <Animation Cabin vol.5> Invisibie Figure (Au Praxinoscope), Japan

Planning: Pärn's “KILPLASED” prints exihibiton (Au Praxinoscope), Japan
Planning: ORDINARY DRAWINGS FROM Theodore Ushev OF LIPSETT DIARIES (Au Praxinoscope), Japan


Planning: <Animation Cabin vol.1> Koji Yamamura selection, best animated shorts in 2015, Au Praxinoscope, Japan

Planning: <Animation Cabin vol.2> Boris LABBÉ, Au Praxinoscope, Japan

Planning: <Animation Cabin vol.3> Nonsense for kids ?!, Au Praxinoscope, Japan


Planning: Lecture "Kihachiro Kawamoto: His Person and Works" in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Kihachiro Kawamoto, Tokyo University of the Arts, MEXT Super Global University Support Project, Lecturer: Serge-Eric Segura, Special Guest Lecturer: Ko Hodeman, Tokyo University of the Arts, Bashamichi, Yokohama, Site

Curation: Canada in Focus" 1 "Synesthesia of Music and Visuals" 2 "Feast of Techniques" 3 "Resisting the Worst of the Worst" 4 "Another Reality" 5 "Watakushi no Monogatari" 6 "Journey to the Other Shore" 7 "Marcel Jean Special" Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2015 (2015.03.19-23)

Planning: Georges Schwizgebelsolo exhibition, Au Praxinoscope, Japan
Planning: Karo & Piyobpt exhibition, Au Praxinoscope),Japan
Planning: ”MYSELF LA” by Andreas Hykade, Au Praxinoscope) Japan


Supervision: TAAF Tokyo Anime Award Festival Program Supervisor

Planning: Priit Pärn solo exhibition 2, Au Praxinoscope, Japan

Planning: Igor Kovalyov solo exhibition, Au Praxinoscope, Japan

Planning: Collection by Koji Yamamura: World Animation filmmaker's Artworks, Au Praxinoscope, Japan


Planning: Priit Pärn solo exhibition (Au Praxinoscope), Japan


Supervision: Special Exhibition: Karel Zeman: Another Master of Czech Animation, Avant-garde of Trick Films, Japan


Planning: Animations Festival 2010(Kichijoji Baus Theater), Japan


Planning: Animations at EIZONEShowcase Session, Japan

Planning: Animations Screening of new works + Talk in Hiroshima, Japan


Planning: Geidai Animation Talk Session "OPEN TALK " Takahata Isao × Yamamura Koji "Possibility of Animation Expression" (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1, 3F Hall), Japan

Selection of animated films for DVD
  • Generic placeholder image
    International Art Animation Index: Koji Yamamura select; Unkown Animations Vol.1
    53 mint., Japan
  • Generic placeholder image
    International Art Animation Index: Koji Yamamura select; Unkown Animations Vol. Vol.2
    TDK Core
    54 mint., Japan
  • 1999

    Planning: Public Event "Your Choose!" Public Event "Your Choose!" Talk Show Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan

    Yamamura Animation, Inc.
    Tokyo, Japan
    Yamamura Koji