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Daremo Inai Heya Niaru E
A Picture in A Soulless Room (provisional title)
| Short animation | Japan, France | in making process |
Script, Animation & Direction: YAMAMURA Koji
Production: Yamamura Animation, MIYU Productions
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Extremely Short (Totemo mijikai)
Bungaku Bideo ❶
| Short animation | Under construction | US, Japan | 5'18" | 4K |
Original story and reading by FURUKAWA Hideo, Music: ISAJI SUNAO, Animation & Direction: YAMAMURA Koji, Planning: Michael EMMERICH, Producer: YAMAMURA Koji, Co-Production: Yamamura Animation, Production: Yanai Initiative
56th Directors’ Fortnight: Official selection

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Polar Bear Bears Boredom

| Short animation | 2021 | Japan | 7'00" | 4K | Cinemascope (2.35:1) | 5.1ch / Stereo |

Painted, Animated and Directed by Yamamura Koji
Production: Yamamura Animation
Music: CASIO Toruko Onsen
Voice Performed by PKNY / MTG / Chiyaji / Botsu (Dos Monos)
Sound Designer: Takino Masumi
Best International Animation Short: 1st North London Animation Festival

Dreams Into Drawing
| Short animation | August 2019 | Japan | 10'10" |
English Narration, English translation: ROBERT CAMPBELL, Japanese Narration: NAGATSUKA Keishi
Based on UEDA AKINARI ‘Muo no Rigyo’, Tales of Moon and Rain (Ugetsu Monogatari, 1776)
KUWAGATA KEISAI Ways to Sketch Animals (1797) Ways to Sketch People (1799)
Script, Editing & Direction: YAMAMURA KOJI
Dreams into Drawing is based on KUWAGATA KEISAI's Ways to Sketc and the short story ‘A Carp That Appeared in My Dream’ from UEDA AKINARI's Tales of Moonlight and Rain. KEISAI himself appears as a character in the animation.

Best Animation: Sapporo International Short Film Festival

Water Dream
| Short animation | October 2017 | France, Japan | 10'53" |
Animation, Direction: Yamamura Koji
Original Music for instruments, voice and soundtrack: Catherin Verhelst
Dramaturgie: Hervé Tougeron
This film depicts evolution from birth of life to whale in the sea with music and images by dedication to the American contemporary composer George Klum's "Vox Balaenae (1971)" There are 4 part, Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic.

Grand Prix: 9th Festival Ciné Poème, France, 2020.03

Notes on Monstropedia
| Short animation | 2016 | Japan | 6'10" |
Animation, Text & Directed by Yamamura Koji
Music by George Frideric Handel
Music arranged by Shimizu Hitomi
An animated archive of imaginary monsters written by a fictitious monsterologist in Medieval Europe.
This work depicts the habits of monsters using movements inspired by short phrases such as “Taste of Tears”, “Tamed Wildness”, etc.
Zodiac One Third
| Short animation | 2016 | Japan | 2'00" | HD, DCP | 16:9 | Stereo | No Dialogue | Stills | YouTube |
Music: Shimizu Hitomi
Directed & animated by Yamamura Koji
Production: Yamamura Animation
This work was commissioned for the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and made possible by support from the 2016 Champion and Patron Members of Reel Asian. Chinese Zodiac is 60-years cycle by 10 heavenly elements and 12 earthly animals, 20th anniversary is just one third. In this movie appearing and changing into 20 elements from 1997 that was started the festival to 2016.
Satie's "Parade"
| Short animation | 2016 | Japan | 14'12" |
Music & text: Erik Satie (1866-1925)
Music performed by Willem Breuker Kollektief, Arranged by Willem Breuker (1944-2010)
Directed & animated by Yamamura Koji
A Parade by three managers and four performers. Koji Yamamura's new animation project, "Parade" de Satie (Satie's "Parade"). Erik Satie composed a ballet music "Parade" in 1916 with 1917.
Best of Festival - Animated Short: Richmond International Film Festival
Begone Bell Care
| Short animation | March 2014 | Canada, Japan | 3'40" |
Painting: Sanae & YAMAMURA Koji
"Begone Dull Care" painted on 35 mm film directly. This film is drawin freely in long roll paper for the ticket vending machine and it is edit the music cutting like the McLaren and it is became a visual music by painted on paper.
five fire fish
| Short animation | May 2013 | Canada, Japan | 1'29" | SD, DCP | 4:3 | Stereo | No Dialogue | Information Stills | McLaren's Workshop | vimeo | vimeo |
Direction, Animation and Painting: YAMAMURA Koji
Production: Yamamura Animation
Music: Maurice Blackburn It is improvised to create on an iPad app McLAREN's WORKSHOP, Etching on film. Almost motions happened to synchronize with music of McLaren. McLaren's Workshop iPad app McLAREN's WORKSHOP
©Koji Yamamura / NHK Enterprise
The Hyuga Episode of Kojiki
| Short animation | 2013 | Japan | 12'07" |
Narration: Akashi Isamu, Endo Fukiko, Script, Animation, Direction: Yamamura Koji, Music: Ueno Koji, Production: NHK Enterprises, English Translation: Dean Shimauchi
Japan's oldest chronicle, Kojiki or "Record of Ancient Matters" was compiled in 712. It begins with the creation myth and the emergence of gods. 4 episode where are located at Hyuga, "The Cleansing""Sun Goddess Amaterasu""Blooming Flowers" and "Umisachi and Yamasachi" were made into animation.
Anthology with Cranes
| Short animation | 2011 | Japan | 1'55" | YouTube | vimeo |
Original painting (17th century): Tawaraya Sotatsu
Direction, Animation and Painting Yammaura Koji
Sound Design: Kasamatsu Koji
Production: Yamamura Animation
Yamamura try to decipher "Anthology with Cranes" and the intent of Sotatsu Tawaraya, finished in experimental work and interpret it as animation.
Tokyo/Montreal - Making process of "Muybridge's Strings"
| Documentary | 2011 | Japan | 14'55" |
Direction, Camera, Edit: Yamamura Koji, Sanae
Produce: Yamamura Animation
In Tokyo at Yamamura Animation, drawing and animation process of "Muybridge's Strings", in Montreal at NFB, depicting the sound produced. The documentary of making "Muybridge's Strings".
Muybridge's Strings
| Short animation | 2011 | Canada, Japan | 12'39" |
Director, Script, Edit, Design, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Original music: Normand Roger, Pierre Yves Drapeau, Denis Chartrand
Production: National Film Board of Canada, NHK and Polygon Pictures
Can time be made to stand still? Can it be reversed? Koji Yamamura's Muybridge's Strings is a meditation on this theme, contrasting the worlds of the photographer Eadweard Muybridge -- who in 1878 successfully photographed consecu- tive phases in the movement of a galloping horse -- and a mother who, watching her daughter grow up, realizes she is slipping away from her.
Firebird Award: Hong Kong International Film Festival
A Child's Metaphysics
| Short animation | 2007 | Japan | 5'08" |
Directed by Yamamura Koji, Script, Edit, Character Design, Animation & Background Drawing: Yamamura Koji
Music: Sergei Prokofiev, Music Arrangement: Shimizu Hitomi (SYZYGYS)
Sound Design: Kasamatsu Koji
Producer: Yamamura Koji, Production: Yamamura Animation
A child whose head is numerals, a child who winds his own face and has it under his arm. What was left is his identity, a child whose eyes are provided by fishes, a child who cannot say anything because of a zipper across his mouth.Ecology and philosophy of children with sadness and humor.
©️Yamamura Animation / SHOCHIKU
Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor
| Short animation | 2007 | Japan | 21'00" |
MUSIC: Shimizu Hitomi (SYZYGYS) / SOUND DESIGN Kasamatsu Koji
DIRECTED BY Yamamura Koji
Voices: DOCTOR Sensaku Shigeyam, DOCTOR'S VOICE 1 Shigeru Shigeyama/DOCTOR'S VOICE 2 Doji Shigeyama, PACKHORSE DRIVER Shime Shigeyama/ROSA Hitomi Kanehara/BOY Ippei Shigeyama, CO PRODUCTION Yamamura Animation, Inc.
The Lying thick snow at a cold night, the humble doctor got a news of emergency arrives. It all starts. mercy of strange village people and paranoia family obsessed a doctor thrown under the wintry sky. Theater of the absurd that was in the original short stories of literary Kafka of the Czech Republic.

Grand Prize: Ottawa International Animation Festival / Grand Prize: Internationales TrickFilm Festival Stuttgart

| Short animation | 2006 | Japan | 4'55" |
Direction, Script, Editing: Yamamura Koji
Music: Yamamoto Seiichi, Sound Design: Kasamatsu Koji, Sound Effects: Matsunaga Yoshiki
“Fig” is a part of the omnibus movie “Tokyo loop”, created by 16 artists’ short films based on the theme Tokyo. “Fig” is a part by Koji Yamamura. The Tokyo Tower and the window transform themselves into the characters, and roam in the night of Tokyo.
The Old Crocodile
| Short animation | 2005 | Japan | 13'00" |
Original story and Illustrations by Leopold Chauveau
Narrated by Peter Barakan
Direction, Editing, Animation, Producer: Yamamura Koji
Sound Design: Kasamatsu Koji
A very old crocodile, so old that he had witnessed the building of the pyramids, was suffering from rheumatism, and no longer able to catch his food. In desperation, he decided to eat his great grand son. Although his thousands of years of longevity entitled him to much respect, the family decided he would have to be put down. Unable to bear the disrespect of his family, the old crocodile said goodbye to the Nile. One day the old crocodile met an octopus. The octopus treated her new friend to a variety of fish that she caught just for him. When the night fell, he couldn’t restrain himself from eating one of the octopus’s legs. Since then, the old crocodile began to help himself to the octopus’ leg every night…
Kefu ha Imoto no Mayoi Kaniniyuki Ayahito he Woiyu ni Shiga no Hana Koshite: Tokoku
| part of feature animation | 2003 | Japan | 0'40" |
Direction and animation: Koji Yamamura
Planning, Chief Director: Kawamoto Kihachiro
Production: IMAGICA Entertainment, Dentsu Tec
Kawamoto Kihachiro is the director and director, and is a "renku animation" by 35 animation artists based on the theme of "Winter Day", a part of Basho's Basho Seven-part Collection. Following the production process, a feature-length documentary, "Poets on a Winter's Day," was created and shown along with how each animation artist interpreted the phrases in charge.
| Short animation | 2003 | Japan | 2'22" |
Director, Animator, Designer, editor: Yamamura Koji
Sound, Music: Reiji Kitazato
Producer: Yamamura Koji
Production: Yamamura Animation
Some short pieces of funny animations and Phenakistoscope.
Mt. Head
| Short animation | 2002 | Japan | 10'00" |
Direction, Animation, Design & Edit: Yamamura Koji
Narration & Shamisen: Kunimot Takeharuo
Music: Kunimoto Takeharu, Syzygys, Shimizu Hitomi
Sound Design: Kasamatsu Koji
Production: Yamamura Animation
After a stingy man eats some cherry seeds, a cherry tree grows on his head and he gets into a lot of trouble. This animated film is a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese Rakugo story "Atama-yama" set in contemporary Tokyo.
Oscar®-nominated / Short Film Crystal: Annecy International Animation Film Festival / Grand Prix: World Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb
Your Choice !
| Short animation | 1999 | Japan | 10'00" |
Director: Yamamura Koji, the 'Junior Directors'
Script, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Music: Takashi Sodo, Sound Design: Kitazato Reiji, Kasamatsu Koji
Raoul, an alligator, has a bad tooth, and also need a hair cut. Is he going to a barber, or a dentist, or neither of them? Madillo, an armadillo, wonders if he should bring an umbrella, or not. So, what is your choice?
In the story of this animated film, a series of events which need judgements, spontaneity and decisiveness of the "Junior Directors" continue to occur.
Chicago International Children's Film Festival, The first prize chosen by the adult juries
THE WING ~ウイング~
| Short film | 1998 | Japan | SD | 4:3 | Japanese |
Director: Kobayashi Hajime
Animation: Yamamura Koji
Animation part of live-action short film.
Bavel's Book
| Short animation | 1996 | Japan | 5'15" |
Director, Script, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Music: Syzygys, Shimizu Hitomi, Nishida Hiromi
Sound Design: Arakawa Kazuhiko
Voices: Brother: Takaaki Namiki, Sister: Yui Makino
A boy and his young sister were curious about the book someone had left on a bench, and they opened the book. Then the small Tower of Bavel was completed on a page. Looking into the tower, they found an old man sitting and reading a book, surrounded by innumerable books. As the man turned pages, mythical animals appeared and disappeared.
1st prize, Animation, Adult July: Chicago Internationale Children's Film Festival
Kid's Castle
| Short animation | 1995 | Japan | 5'00" |
Director, Script, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Music: Sudo Takashi
Sound Design: Tsurumaki Yutaka, SOUND DESIGN YURUTA, Sound Effects: TOYO ONKYO
Take a journey into the imaginative world of Kid's Caste where a young boy's dreams make playing with toys a reality. As his room takes on exciting changes, you, too,will delight at the many different whimsical sounds and voices.
Kipling Jr.
| Short animation | 1995 | Japan | 15'00" |
Director, Script, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Music: Syzygys
Sound Design: Tsurumaki Yutaka, Sound Design Yurut, Sound Effects: Toyo Onkyo
Voices: Anna Kipling: Shimizu Hitomi, Yohann Kipling: Yamamura Koji, Kip Kipling: Noguchi Ryoko, Rog, Poe: Odaka Kiriko
A fantastic animation adventure about Kipling Jr., his father, mother, and a musical band led by Rog. Advanced animation techniques, yet to be seen on the screen, help to create incredible movements by animated dolls.
Short and Happy Life of a Goldfish
| Short animation | 1993 | Japan | 18'20" |
Direction, Script: Inudo Isshin
Music: Funakoshi Midori
Animation: Yamamura Koji
Japanese Narration: Komatsu Masao
Goldfish born in Tenjinnuma, a famous goldfish production area, were auctioned off and sold to Yokota Gumi. The goldfish scooped by elementary school student Mitsui at the night store scooping goldfish will be kept at his house.
Grand Prize : Kirin Contemporary Award '93
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| Short animation | 1992 | Japan | 4'20" |
Produce: Yamamura Animation, NHK Direction, Animation, Script: Yamamura Koji
Music: Syzygys
Voices: Karo: Takahashi Momota, Piyobpt: Shimizu Hitomi
Karo was hurrying to his house on a rainy day.Then he met a fish swimming in the air.He talked about the fish to Piyobupt but Piyobupt laughed at Karo.So they started to imagine and imagine. And outside of the window,flying fishes were enjoying the rain.

Best Director-Animation Film: Chicago International Children's Film Festival

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The Sandwiches
| Short animation | 1992 | Japan | 4'20" |
Produce: Yamamura Animation, NHK Direction, Animation, Script: Yamamura Koji
Music: Syzygys
Voices: Karo: Takahashi Momota, Piyobpt: Shimizu Hitomi
It was a wonderful day. At the kitchen,Karo and Piyobupt were making sandwiches.Yes,they were going on a picnic.When you eat sandwiches on the beautiful green field,how delicious they are and how much you eat them.

Best Director-Animation Film: Chicago International Children's Film Festival

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A House
| Short animation | 1992 | Japan | 4'20" |
Produce: Yamamura Animation, NHK Direction, Animation, Script: Yamamura Koji
Music: Syzygys
Voices: Karo: Takahashi Momota, Piyobpt: Shimizu Hitomi
One day in winter,two birds were flying to the snow field. They found a fine big tree and decided to build their house on it. Carrying logs,cutting them,putting together, finally a lovely house was completed.

Best Director-Animation Film: Chicago International Children's Film Festival

The Elevator
| Short animation | 1991 | Japan | 8'24" |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Music, Sound: Kurosawa Jun
Produce: Nichiei Production
One morning, a boy dashes out the door of his apartment carrying a school bag on his back. He jumps into the building elevator as on any other day; but today, it won't stop and just keeps on going down.When it finally stops with a jolt and the door opens, the boy finds himself in a world deep under the ground. There his adventure begins.
4th International Animation Festival Hiroshima, The 1st Prize of Category C
Doshitearunokana Chosakuken (Why? Copyright)
| Animations inserted into documentaries | 1990 | Japan | 16mm, SD | 4:3 |
Cast, animation: Koji Yamamura
Director: Hitomi Kamanaka
Making of "Perspectiven Box"
Perspektivenbox Researcher's Research
| Short animation | 1990 | Japan | 4'00" |
Direction, Animation, Script: Yamamura Koji
Music: Ueno Koji
Buildings, black crows, a flood of bar codes, clone-looking businessmen, shopping-addicted ladies...these images which probably symbolizes excessive, standardized and overcrowded modern cities are condensed in this animation.
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Anime A La Kart
| Short animation | Japan | 1989 | 10'00 | 35mm |
Produced by: Kawasaki City Museum, Director: Fukushima Haru
Animation: Aihara Nobuhiro, Akiyama Yoshimasa, SSuzukihinichi, Fujihata Masaki, Ono Kosei, Iwai Toshio, Furukawa Taku, Hayashi Seiichi, Yamamura Koji, IKIF, Fukushima haru, Kuri Yoji and others, production cooperation: Yamaki Iwao
25 people animation A fun series of animations with a variety of styles created by the artist and workshop participants using the museum's logo as a theme.
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End of the Century Vaudeville Show; Franken Goes to Hollywood
| Animated Short Film | 1989-1990? | Japan | 2'33" | 8mm | Standard | Monaural | Japanese |
Director, Art direction, Photography : Yamamura Koji
Time-lapse photography was used to film the streets of Chitose Karasuyama, where Yamamura was living at the time. The title is a parody of Aki Kaurismäki's "Leningrad Cowboys Go America" (1989).
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Shojo Festival
| Short Documentary | 1990 | Japan | 10min | 8mm | Standard | Mono |
Direction, Photography, Editing: Yamamura Koji
Japanese-English Pictionary
| Short animation | 1989 | Japan | 12'00" |
Direction, Animation and Script: Yamamura Koji
Music: Kurosawa Jun
Both in English and Japanese, words develop in parallel from "A" to "Z"(from "A" to "Nn" in Japanese syllabary) taking the last syllable of the previous word. Ant-Take off-F..., Ari-Ririku-Ku... Along with the developments of those words, images metamorphoses using various animation technique so to be a pictorial encyclopedia of animation technique.
Special Jury Prize Award: Image Forum Festival
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Silent Night
| Animation for Video Package | 1989 | Japan | SD | 4:3 |
"Good Christmas for Kids" VHS (21st October 1992)
Production: King Records
Song: Hibari Children's Choir
General Director and Composition: Sugiyama Taku
"Silent Night"
Conte, direction, art, background: Mukuo Takamura
Background: Yamamura Koji
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Animation fragment collection
| Short animation | 1989-1990 | Japan | 16’33"| 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese |
Direction: Yamamura Koji
"Fragments Collection 1" produced by collecting fragments of past works in 1988, N.G. collection of "Dr. Owm Goes to the Star" (1989) test shots of "Natural History"(1985) and "Japanese-English Pictionary" (1989) and video storyboards for Perspektivenbox Researcher's Research" (1990), the year before its completion.
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1988 1st Shanghai International Animation Film Festival
| Short Documentary | 1990 | Japan | 11min17sec. | 8mm | Standard | Mono | YouTube |
Filming with 8mm camera: Yamamura Koji, sanae
Edit: Yamamura Koji, 2020
Asano Yuko, Sekiguchi Kazuhiro, Paul Driessen, Bruno Bozzetto, Kawamoto Kihachiro, Furukawa Taku, Eduard Nazarov, Nicole Salomon, Fukushima Haru, Priit Pärn, Otto Alder, Yamamura Koji
Little Lunar Jug
| Short animation | 1988 | Japan | 4'00" | 16mm, HD | Standard | Mono | No dialogue | Stills |
Direction, animation: Yamamura Koji
A boy is waiting at a bus stop and dreaming a relationship between a moon, a bottle of rumne, bones, cicadas, and hard objects.
Ding Dong
| Short animation | 1988 | Japan | 1'30" | 8mm, HD | Standard | Mono | No dialogue | Drawing | Stills |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Cut-out animation created for the Christmas screening event. As a man wearing sunglasses walks around the city holding a box of gifts, he meets strange people. Finally when the box opens, from inside...
Heavenly Bodies's Score
| Short animation | 1987 | Japan | 2'00" |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Using constellations as a motif, the work metamorphoses heaven and earth and all things in the forest.
Ladies & Gentlemen
| Short animation | 19887 | Japan | 1’00" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | English |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
An introductory video produced for solo exhibition held immediately after graduating from university. Clay animation.
| Short animation | 1987 | Japan | 5'00" |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Music: Kurosawa Jun
The stream of a mil, an apple flows down through the stream, where innumerable illusion of fish appears and disappears in the sky reflected in the water.
| Short animation | 1986 | Japan | 3'33" | 16mm, HD | Standard | Mono | No dialogue | Stills | YouTube |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Thanks to Kifune Tokumitsu, Tsunekawa Sanae, Hiruma Yukio, Furukawa Takuji
Late night train, sleeping young man. A big carp comes in at the station. At night, various freshwater creatures appear and disappear in the night of the aquarium. The semi-actual situation and the animation of cutting paper with silver foil were shot on a multi-plane.
| Live action short | 1985 | Japan | 15’00" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese |
Script, Camere, Direction: Yamamura Koji
Actors: Furukawa Takuji, Jibaku Rei, Koizumi Futaro, Tsuruta Sadayo
Was the murder committed in a dream really real? An aesthetic and decadent live-action film.
Up Turned...
| Short animation | 1985 | Japan | 2’30" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | No dialogue |
Direction, Animation, Sound: Yamamura Koji
It should be looking up.... Animation drawn with clay on the same transparency as "Natural History".
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Moon Light
| Live action short | 1985 | Japan | 2’20" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese |
Direction: Yamamura Koji Player: Nishida Futoshi
A strange body transformed by the light of the moon. An experimental live-action film that uses mirrors to symmetrically transform the body.
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How to Open the Milk Carton
| Live action | 1985 | Japan | 2’00" | 8mm | Standard 90° turn (3:4) | Mono | Japanese |
Direction: Yamamura Koji
Natural History
| Short animation | 1985 | Japan | 2'00" | 8mm, HD | Standard | Mono | No dialogue | Storyboards | Stills | YouTube |
Direction, animation: Yamamura Koji
Music: Willem Breuker
"Augusta: Les Seigneurs En Cols Blancs"
From "Drums In The Night / The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui”
Inspired by Ishu Patel's After Life, and Pliny's Natural History, I draw and transforms medieval European creatures by drawing clay on a transmitted light stand.
| Short animation | 1985 | Japan | 4'00" | 8mm, 16mm, HD | Standard | Mono | No dialogue | Objects | Stills | YouTube |
Direction, animation: Yamamura Koji
Voices: Tsuchiya Kenji, Sugimoto Hideki, Kitayama Riko, Ueno Tosei
Violin: Nakanishi Akiko
Back Ground Photo: Furukawa Takuji
A cannibalized egg as man's pet ate a woman at a bar at night or an old man who plays the violin, egg grows bigger day by day.
One night without prey ... the poetry of the moon and the skeleton.
This film made by half-shaped relief puppet technique and background of photos. The photo was located in Fussa.
| Live action short | 1984 | Japan | 5’00"| 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese |
Direction: Yamamura Koji
A film work created for an outdoor performance at Tokyo Zokei University, projected onto his own body. An attempt to connect image and action, reality and inner reality.
Dr. Owm Goes to the Star
| Short animation | 1984 | Japan | 23'00" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese | Making of | Stills |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji
Voices: Kobayashi Ryoichi, Sakamaki Yoichi, Hida Satoshi, Hirata Yuji, Ito Yosuke
A fantastical puppet animation in which Dr. Owm and his party battle dinosaurs as they travel in a sailing ship-shaped spaceship to a planet where treasure lies. Yamamura began working on this animation when he was in his second year of high school, and completed it after entering Tokyo Zokei University.
Bra Koji's World
| Short animation | 1982 | Japan | 5'00" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese |
Direction, animation: Yamamura Koji
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Parody Trailers
| Short animation | 1979 | Japan | 2'00" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese |
Direction, Animation: Yamamura Koji

Council at the Kitchen
| Short animation | 1979 | Japan | 3'00" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | Japanese | Stills |
Direction, Animation, Music: Yamamura Koji
Instant coffee, kettle, coffee cup and teacup are meeting at the table to discuss who eats this apples. Finally, the apple claimed "I belong mine." And then he ate himself and disappeared.
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Stop Motion Test Footage
| Animated Short Film | 1978 | Japan | 1min | 8mm |
Animation, Photography: Yamamura Koji
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Lemon Orange Building (Unfinished Film)
| Animated short film | 1978 | Japan | 30 seconds | 8mm | Standard | Monaural | Japanese |
Direction, Animation, Art Director : Yamamura Koji
SF Last Judgment
| Short animation | 1978 | Japan | 3'20" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | No dialogue |
Direction, animation: Yamamura Koji
Film frame was set one size smaller, so that the hand of God would stick out of the frame. Animation using watercolor and cut paper.
Short Short Show Thearter
| Short animation | 1978 | Japan | 1'30" | 8mm | Standard | Mono | No dialogue | Stills |
Direction, Animation, Arts, Music: Yamamura Koji
The first animation at the age of 13 Yamamura Koji. Six small gags using cut paper and cels.
Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji