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A House
#01: One day in winter,two birds were flying to the snow field. They found a fine big tree and decided to build their house on it. Carrying logs,cutting them,putting together, finally a lovely house was completed. | A House A House |
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The Sandwiches
#02: It was a wonderful day. At the kitchen,Karo and Piyobupt were making sandwiches.Yes,they were going on a picnic.When you eat sandwiches on the beautiful green field,how delicious they are and how much you eat them. | YouTube The Sandwoches |
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#03: Karo was hurrying to his house on a rainy day.Then he met a fish swimming in the air.He talked about the fish to Piyobupt but Piyobupt laughed at Karo.So they started to imagine and imagine. And outside of the window,flying fishes were enjoying the rain. | YouTube Imagination |
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Illustration: Yamamura Koji
Yamamura Animation, 2024.01.05~
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    Karo & Piyobpt Original products
    Stickers, notes, postcards, pin badges coloring books
    Illustration: Yamamura Koji, Design: Yamamura Yuri
    »Au Praxinoscope
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    Karo & Piyobpt
    LINE Stickers
    »Line Karo & Piyobpt

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    (SYZYGYS Live at Roppongi Inkstick 1988)
    Sound Track
    Includes the main theme song "Such a face?" for "Karo to Piyobpt".
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    La boîte à malice de Koji Yamamura
    DVD with this work, France
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    Cute Recipes for Cute Movies.
    Wani Mook Series (91)
    Se-taka-no-topo no Basket Sandwich
    Wani Books, Inc.

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    Karo & Piyobpt
    VHS with this work, Japan

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    Japanaise KOJI YAMAMURA
    ses meilleurs courts-merages
    DVD with htis work, France
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    Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor & Other Fantastic Films
    DVD with this work, US, canada, France, UK, Italy
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    야마무라 코지 단편 애니메이션 한정판 컬렉
    DVD with this work, Korea
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    Koji Yamamura Film Works
    DVD with this work, Japan
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    Mt. Head
    DVD with this work, Japan
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    Karo & Piyobpt
    DVD with this work, Japan
Petti Clay
| Opening title for TV program | 1992 | Japan | 2:00 | 35mm, SD | 4:3 | Stereo | No dialogue |
Direction: Yamamura Koji
Animator: Ishida Takuya, Yamamura Koji
Music: Takashi Sudo
On Air at NHK "Petti Clay" from 1993.
Expo Aichi: Yamamura Animation Museum
Yamamura Animation Museum, Expo Aichi, Aichi, Japan, 2005, 25th March - 25th September
THE WING ~ウイング~
Like a Bird
Comic Picture Book "Karo and Piyobpt" in Kate-Gaho International, Sekaibunka Publishing Co.
Written and illustrated by Yamamura Koji
All color, 2 pages x 6
Vol.1: 2004 Summer issue, 2004.06.01
Vol.2: 2004 Autumn issue, 2004.08.01
Vol.3: 2005 Winter issue, 2005.01
Vol.4: 2005 Spring issue, 2005.03.01
Vol.5: 2005 Summer issue, 2005.06.01
Vol.6: 2005 Autumn issue, 2005.08.01

Yamamura Animation, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Yamamura Koji